Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Admission In Order

Last night we had the last appointment with Dr Sujatha in Al Ahli hospital. She did a routine ultrasound check and confirmed again that the baby's head has indeed been down, and he's moving from the left to right (his head) his eyes are open and beneath his head lies the placenta which is blocking my servics. I could see from the ultrasound she was doing that the placenta had covered about the whole servics area. Not something I am very happy with because my husband will miss the thrill and joy of witnessing the birth of our first child. But he will get to hold it afterwards I think. When I go in for admission I plan to ask about spousal visits and how much access he will have to our child.

The countdown has started and in exactly one week's time I will be admitted for 10 days starting from 10th September. That is if I don't bleed first. Yesterday we also found out that I need to register with Hamad Primary Health Care, and there is on branch in West Bay. I will need to get my Hamad Medical Card which is now mandatory for all expats-just in case they need blood for my from Hamad this card will be used to procure it. Since I did my walking yesterday already I will wait till Sunday to go do this thing

Will update this entry again on how that went!

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