Monday, September 1, 2014

How does my bubba look like?

Months ago while I was in Malaysia my doctor in Pantai gave me a 4D ultrasound on how my son looked like. And it scared the shit out of me...mad me kind of sad really because he didn't look one bit like me but like my husband's dead father! Or maybe my husband when he was a bubba himself! He certainly didn't have much of my features. My husband was overjoyed, oblivious to my sad state. Then he consoled me by saying don't worry he's features will change when he grows up. Of course it will but not much! I retorted HE BETTER HAVE MY NOSE. I want my son to have the Patel Nose. Sharp and Pointy like mine, my moms my aunts, my dads, my grandparents and everyone before them. His side of the family have bulbous noses, which really ruined pretty much everyone's faces because the nose and wide set small eyes didn't do much for their looks. But who am I to complain about other people's features? I am only worried about my baby's

I was very reluctant to put this up, lest his family should read this post but then since I am so close to my delivery (no thanks bitch 36 weeks fuck you world) I don't mind spreading a bit of goodness to the world

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