Thursday, September 11, 2014

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Doha Review: Al Ahli Day 2 of Admission

I was woken up at 5am for my baby's heart beat reading and the contraction count and level of intensity. I lost desire to sleep after that so I showered and read my book by the window. Dr Sujatha came in at 10 am and asked if I was bored. Of course I was bored! She didn't apologize for her mistake which caused the delay in my admission yesterday and I was just too tired to mention it to her so I said admission was a trouble because I had no medical report

In the afternoon some Guest Relations lady came in to ask if everything is Ok and I am getting the right service, I said well yes and didn't bother to elaborate much about the 4 hour delay yesterday. Why bother she's from Eastern Europe and is a BLOND. Probably won't understand the technicalities of things anyways

My poor husband had to run around for our Hamad card and now we can only get it done on Sunday after the weekends. We still have the case of the insurance which is expiring on the 14th

Breakfast Dish

The bag of assorted bread was especially good

Lunch Tray- I especially loved the tomato and labneh it was good

Dinner Tray

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