Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Doha Review: Al Ahli Day 1 of Admission

Well it has come to this day and after 4 hours of waiting at admissions office I finally got a Standard room in Al Ahli hospital at 3pmish. We came in at 10 amish and after much ding dong this is what Al Ahli screwed up with

  • I had scheduled an appointment with a dentist today but I didn't show up because I was low on cash
  • the husband and I reached the hospital at about 10 amish and we went straight to Admission which was just a roped area with two tables
  • my medical report was sitting in the dental clinic and the staffs were looking for it-time wasted there
  • when my file was found they didn't know what to do with it 
  • then someone realised I was due for admission today and my consulting doctor needed to write off a medical report so my insurance provider could approve my stay in the hospital
  • my doctor was off duty today
  • her mobile was left in her office
  • she had conveniently forgotten to write a medical report for my stay and pass that to admissions despite being chased by them since August-September
  • the head of ob-gyn clinic Dr Rezvi had emergency C-section so she couldn't write off a medical report
  • another doctor, Dr Mithaili refused to write my medical report
  • all the doctors were preparing to go home at noon. If we hadn't chased and pushed for my case I wouldn't have got the admission
  • my insurance is expiring in 4 days time and my insurance provider is going n a day to day basis approval based on daily medical reports provided by attending doctor
  • finally close to 2 pm a doctor; Dr Muna wrote a medical report which my insurance provider needed to justify my stay here
  • the hospital needed Hamad Card which is now mandatory for all expats in case of blood transfusion etc needed for patients because blood comes from Hamad Hospital. The West Bay HC refused to do mine; they only did for Qataris and asked me to go to Al Dayeen centre. But the catch is since I am sponsored by my husband he needs to do his Hamad Card first and then do mine. They ask for utility bill/tenancy agreement Qatar ID, 2 passport size photos, RP and passport copies (2 of each)
  • they took my blood nevertheless to be sent to Hamad Hospital. And since I have no Hamad Card, I told them my husband is on it tomorrow morning so they stored my blood in fridge
  • oh did I also mention despite going to a government approved lab to do my blood test, the Qatari government still put the wrong blood group on my Qatar ID. It says O- when I am B+
  • without insurance daily cost of stay is about 3000 riyals. I am scheduled for a 10 day stay
  • the C-section costs about 21 750 riyals
  • the level of stupidity here is astonishing! 

If a Qatari or Caucasian was on my place, none of this shit would have happened

The room is good, the staff here is nice and friendly and the food is great. Makes up for the shitty service we had at admissions

I got my hospital tag

My lunch

My dinner

This was super good!

Chocolate mousse cake with blueberry jam

The menu for tomorrow

The breakfast menu

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