Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Doha Review: Dados Beauty Center

You know sometimes you read raving reviews on TimeOut and you get carried away with the flowery words the authors have to say about a beuty center. In reality its not quite the same. I was looking for a post-natal massage and came across Dados from Timeout Doha. This place was reviewed years back and the author raved how good the pre-natal massage was that she definitely will go for the post-natal massage

Well I did that on your behalf and it was just OK. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it at a flat 5


Bitch please! I come from a nation of masseurs that Doha simply cannot beat

When I called to make an appointment I misheard the price at 150. It cost me 450 riyals

The interior of the place was nice and kitschy. It is located on the ground floor of Al Seal Tower behind Kempinski. It was easy to find, the directions on their website is accurate and well detailed

When I went in for my appointment, a lady at the cashier gave me a writing board with a bunch of papers clipped unto it, a form of questionnaires and a disclaimer form too

I filled in my details and after about 5 minutes of waiting another lady showed me around. We toured the showers, the steam and the sauna rooms. Then I was given tour of the massage rooms, the hair studio and the mani-pedi parlour. All in all the decor was nice.

My massage room

Glass floor

I was then ushered to the VIP massage room (they use this to impress new clients I was told) and was asked to undress (but to keep my panties on) Then a black lady came in, introduced herself and gave me a nice sensuous body massage. OH, SO THAT'S WHAT POST NATAL MASSAGE IS ALL ABOUT!!!

The Jacuzzi

The hammam

She was kind because she did part with some good advice:

  • not to keep my head wet (I had washed my hair and shaven myself clean prior to the massage)

  • she noticed that my lower abdomen area (near the incision) was still inflamed (from the inside) Don't ask me how she knew that!

  • She also asked if I was using any scar repair cream-I was using BioOil although not religiously. She wanted to sell me their Mamma Mio but I wasn't interested so she didn't push far

All in all the massage was OK, I would recommend this to white expats whom had never had massage done to any part of their body in their lives ever.

After my massage was done I sat on the bed and expressed my milk. They were kind enough to let me do that. Also, as a guest to the beauty center you get to use their sauna and steam facilities for free. Otherwise they're restricted to the tower residents

For the Asians expat missing home massage I will write up another review for another massage parlour that has UNISEX massage services. Dados is a strictly women only beauty center

The hair salon

The products they sell. They carry Mamma Mio brand

I took the courtesy to post their price list here, in case you want to run thru it before you go there so you don't get a shock when you take out your credit card

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