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Food Review: Bajra/Millet Flour Goondh/Edible Gum Pak

Bitch please!

I googled online for goondh pak recipe and the only one (with step by step pictures) I liked was from this blogger in Africa

I delivered 3 months ago and since I am a fussy cook (my food has to be prepared in a hygienic condition, I must be involved in some part of the cooking and my kitchen has to be spotless while I'm doing it) I prepared the dry items for the MIL to cook for me a goodh pak following the RECIPE I KNOW (not some mumbo jumbo pak passed down from people who claim they know everything there is to it about post-natal food)

So this blogger had a nice recipe going on there but her measurements were all in ounces so I am going to put down here the absolute goondh pak recipe (no fail, this shit is fool proof because HEY I AM NO PAK fan unless I need to EAT IT) Let me just say that the MIL with 6 kids and a dozen of grand children and her claim to fame was post-natal food was utterly taken aback by my recipe which pretty mummed her from then on. Here I am a modernist with no experience to boost of and yet the idiot me manage to impress a 'pro' in her field

OK lets go to the recipe bitches

First Recipe

453 grams of ghee
113 grams of gundh
453 grams of millet flour (bajro/bajra flour)
453 grams gur / jaggary
200 ml evaporated milk
226 grams of milk
250 grams of sliced almonds

200 grams of pistachio desiccated powder
1 tspn cardamom powder
1/2 tspn nutmeg powder
50 grams of katlu powder
50 grams of ganthora powder
113 grams of desiccated coconut

The items in bold are the hacks I added from the original recipe

Look at the gooey goodness spilling out of the tray. Since the thing doesn't set I dumped it into a clear plastic tupper ware and store it in the fridge. Whenever I wanted to eat some I just heated it in the microwave

Here's the second recipe

420 grams of ghee
113 grams of gundh
470 grams of millet flour (bajro/bajra flour)
460 grams gur / jaggary
210 ml evaporated milk

226 grams of milk powder (I used Anelene that's all I had)
250 grams of sliced almonds
280 grams of sliced pistachios
50 grams of raisins
1 tspn cardamom and a pinch more
1 tspn nutmeg powder

In this recipe you can see that I went generous with the bajra flour since I want to finish what I have in the house. The MIL brought too much of it despite me already having about 2 kgs of it. So now I am stuck with this stupid flour and I hate bhakris so I have to use it in some way to finish it off. And what better way than to make pak out of it

I am probably the only person on this planet that thought of using millet/bajra to make goondh pak. I mean its so obvious, if the seeds are suppose to help with your milk factory's production then why not make a pak of it instead of forcing yourself to eat the dry tasteless bland shit they call bhakri

This recipe I cooked myself so I could blog the step by step procedure for you


1. Measure all the powders (nutmeg, cardamom, milk) and sliced nuts (almonds, pistachios,raisins) and dump it into a bowl

2. Measure the flour

3. Measure the liquids (evaporated milk, ghee) and keep them separated

4. Measure the semi solids (jaggery)

5. Measure the solids (edible gum/goondh)


1. Pour all the ghee into a deep pan and cook the edible gum until it pops like popcorns. It takes all but 5 minutes for it to swell to twice its size and pop. 

2. Drain it.

3. Then POUND the shit out of that gum. I used meat beater/tenderizer to get the job done

Look how nicely crushed the gum is

4. Dump the bajra/millet flour into the pan. Trust me the leftover ghee is just right for the flour to mix and cook. 

I did this twice and both times the ghee was right. Plus I AM NO PRO

I cooked at full flame

How I know the flour had cooked? You could smell the flour smell wafting from the pan and you know you're about done. It took me about 10 minutes

5. Add the jaggery into the pan. Mix quickly. As you can see from my image below my jaggery was semi-solid. I suggest you microwave yours so it's melted. That way you get a mix real fast, otherwise you end up stirring too much

6. Turn off the gas if you're using melted jaggery and reduce to low flame if you're using semi solid jaggery. Once your jaggery has bonded well with the flour, TURN OFF YOUR GAS

7. By now the mixture would have harden a bit as you can see from the image below. Add the evaporated milk and mix well

8. Remember the bowl of powders and nuts we measured earlier? Now's the time to empty it into the pan. 

My pan was too small for everything. I didn't think thru that everything won't fit into my small pan so 
I took out the big GUN: my deep and round pasta sauce pan and dumped everything into it

9. Everything mixed well, it looks nice and dandy

10. Lastly I added the goondh/edible gum into my pak mixture

11. I stirred some more until everything had blended into one another. I used a wooden laddle for my entire cooking but if you must get your hands dirty USE DISPOSABLE GLOVES

12. I poured the mixture into a tray. Because for this recipe I had used milk powder it helped to harden the pak so I could cut it into cubes later 

13. After the pak had cooled off you can cut it into whatever shapes you like. I kept it simple with squares and couldn't RESIST TAKING A BITE

14. Put them nicely in a long tupperware and the lid wouldn't close....


...so I just cling wrapped the THANG and stored it in the fridge

Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 20 mins
Cleaning time: 15 mins

I was done in 30 mins. I know this because I was watching the time and a sleeping baby (didn't want him waking up to the aroma of the food wafting about the house)

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