Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Deleting Sent Images on WhatsApp

I don't know if you KNOW this but WhatsApp stores images you send to people on your device storage. So that means if you send a same picture to 10 different people or groups the image is saved 10 times on your storage device and it's up to you to delete it. This shit takes up space, and soon you'd be running out of space.

Either WhatsApp hasn't figure out this bug 


its just ignoring it 


its expecting people to manually delete it themselves 


they're just too lazy to put up an option for users on their SETTINGS

Whatever the reason I am here to sort this shit out for you

I am using Samsung Note 4 and on this device you do the following

1. Go to your My Files folder

2. Go to Device Storage

3. Go to WhatsApp directory

3. Go go Media directory

4. Go to WhatsApp Images

5. You will have to scroll down the directory because FIRST you will see the images people had SENT TO YOU. WHATSAPP makes it hard for you to find the SENT folder because it is sitting at the bottom of the directory. 

6. Go to the SENT folder and delete all the images there

The second drawback is that you have to MANUALLY check on all the image boxes that you want to delete in order to remove them. You know what I do, I plug in the SAMSUNG to my laptop and remove the images from there in one click. Makes the job much easier to accomplish

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  1. Thanks for your post. Please do u know if Kies backs up this Sent folder...cos I can't seem to find it in the whatsapp pictures sub folder of the backup folder.