Thursday, January 1, 2015

# breastfeeding pillow review # mombo breastfeeding pillow

Mombo BreastFeeding Pillow

What more can I say? It's the best breastfeeding pillow around. Altough marked at well above 200 riyals it is money well spent!!


The pillow doesn't shrink. I have been using it on a daily basis to feed my son (both bottle and the breast)

The vibrator calms down my son on really bad days

It wedges comfortable around my waist

My son sleeps off comfortably on the thing while I breastfeed


The fucking vibrator goes on and off intermittently at the slightest of movement

The battery doesn't last very long. At most it lasted for a month

Its too high for a small baby if you're resting his head on the pillow to feed him the bottle.

And now some GRAINY IMAGES of the pillow

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