Friday, February 20, 2015

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Doha review: qdc

All you expats residing in Qatar read this

In Qatar you need a license to drink.  Well if drinking in pubs is proving too expensive for you I suggest you get a license so you can drink as much as you want (but there is a catch here) in the vicinity of your home. Well you are not allowed to drink in public here so you don't have much choices when it comes to where you want to drink

But when it comes to what you want to drink you will be spoilt for choices in QDC

In order for you to get your license you need the following paperwork

1. Proof that you are employed-a letter stating you work at so and so
2. Your tenancy agreement copy
3. Your RP copy
4. Your passport copy
5. 1000 refundable deposit
6. Dress well for the photo

You need to be present to sign up for this 'membership' You can't get someone else to do it for you because they will take your picture there and that image will be plastered on your license! That's it!

And if you are married then please read on. My husband applied for his license last week and found out they have a spouse 'package' as I'd like to call it...and here's how it work

If your husband already applied for his license then all you need is a consent form with his signature on it and your Qatar ID and you're good to go! You don't even need the deposit or anything like that. Pretty simple eh? I thought this is a good deal and I might apply for it soon. I will update this entry on how that went

Oh and another thing, you can't just spend all your pay on the alcohol. You are restricted to buy according to how much you earn! They will do the math for you and allocate your monthly quota of which the usage and balance will be printed on your receipt

They started selling pork in QDC in case you're wondering

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