Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Food review: microwave cakes from mima sinclair

For staters let me just say that I never thought it was possible to even bake in a microwave let alone make a cake!

My apartment comes with a microwave-oven and in my opinion it couldn't get any worse than this! I am not a purist but I am an oven person when it comes to baking. Preheat that bitch!

But alas I have no space to store a mighty oven in here so I am making do with the oven function of my microwave. It took me a lot of trials and errors expecially when it came to baking biscuits and muffins and cupcakes-I always had to bake longer at a higher temperature

So when I found this book online at I just had to get it. The book did arrive 1 month later from purchase date but it was a wait worth while because the cakes did bake and they baked well. They taste good too.

Most of Mimas recipes require two main ingredients-semi skimmed milk and self raising flour. If you don't have this in your kitchen you will be left to figure our the baking soda-flour ratio and you could jeapordise your cake. It might explode or sink!

All in her the book is great, the recipes are simple and they're easy to make. She has a whole chapter dedicated to classic cake (think chocolate and peanut butte) another chapter with alcohol infused cakes(aptly titled happy hour), single recipes for gluten free and egg free recipes, a chocolate chip cookie recipe and a toffee recipe. Oh and there's also the cakes for special occasions

The first cake I baked was the chocolate chip cake which was pretty easy and it stayed soft and chewy even if I left it out on the kitchen counter. Most of the other cakes harden if you leave them out too long. At first I baked the cake in a bowl because I was afraid it might explode. After that I got crafty and started baking them in ramekins and lunch boxes. I even stored the dough in fridge and baked it after 2 days and it came out well. Since they all bake in about 1 minutes and half (max) or lesser than a minute even your husband can bake it as his lunch dessert

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