Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Food review: kuih kacang hijau

I am have never been a big fan of mung beans, they just look awful. So how do I get rid of about 2kg of the beans sitting in my kitchen taking up space in my shelf? I came up with the idea of using it to make kuih kacang hijau or the English name as the green bean pastry

I Googled the recipe online based on three different Malay blogs. Of course their recipes were in Malay so I will lay it down for you here in English

1. I used about 2 and half cups of split mung beans and I soaked them overnight. Then I rinsed it and gave them a good mix under running water with my hands. You can use whole mung beans also, they will just cook longer. I then transfered them to my pot, added water and boiled it in high flame. Again the water is subjected to the temperament of the beans. Split beans cooks faster than whole beans. If you aren't sure then add about 4 cups of water to just cover the beans and keep adding water if it dries up. I added a wee bit much of water and the beans were soggy-no worries I will provide the quick fix later on. So back to the beans. Cook them until they are tender. Now remember to stir it once in a while to avoid the beans burning and sticking to the bottom. You check the beans' status by taking a few beans into your hands and if it mushes easily then you know it's done. If you don't want to get your hands dirty then look at surface of the pot, well cooked mung beans sits still, there won't be that occasional breaking boil that releases steam on the surface. If your mix is a bit too mushy (slightly runny is ok too runny is not good but its still fixable) never mind I will provide the fix below.

2. Once the beans are cooked add sugar to it. Add sugar according to your liking. I added about 2 cups of sugar and I wished I had reduced the amount because it sweeten the paste too much. Before you add sugar reduce the flame to small. Stir continously to make sure the sugar gets mixed well. Add a bit of salt also. And here is the fix if the mix looks too mushy because it should resemble a paste. Add a bit of all purpose flour and give it a good stir. How do you know of your sugar and salt and flour has mixed well and the beans are cooked to perfection? Watch the surface of the beans. The breaking boils of steam will subside and the beans will have 'quieted down' And when you lift up your mixing spoon or whatever you have used to stir the beans will stick to it like a paste. Additionally I had added coconut flake or 'kelapa parut' to the mix

3. Turn off your gas and transfer the mushed up beans to a tray. Let it cool down before you shape them into burger sized patties. Store them in freezer for up to a month or use them immediately

4. And now to make the coating to deep fry the patties.

1 cup rice flour

1 table spoon of corn starch

1 teaspoon of turmeric powder

Pinch of salt

Water to make a runny batter (that still sticks to the patties)

Oil  for deep frying

5. Fry those sons of bitches and serve them hot

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