Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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Solved: Mouse keeps scrolling down on Chrome, desktop on Acer Laptop

I have had this issue for the past 3 days and it was just interfering with my work so much

I am not saying that my laptop is perfect, it is far from it

For starters, my son had peeled out the keys from the laptop keyboard so this is how it looked like

Point number 2. I am using a USB + wireless keyboard and mouse

Three, my screen is broken so I am using an external monitor connected to the laptop with HDMI cable

Lastly, I am running Windows 10 and CentOS virtual machine

And this is how my physical setup looks like

Every time I move my mouse on Chrome, after 10 minutes or so of working properly, it keeps scrolling down to the page, if I force scroll up with the mouse or my keyboard it just doesn't work

And to make matters worse, whenever I click on the desktop shortcut at the top of the page, say My PC, it will instead randomly click on a shortcut at the bottom of the Desktop

1. So I restarted the laptop and the thing keeps happening

The solution (that did not work for me, but it might for you)

Disable laptop touchpad

1. For some bizarre reason, the touchpad may also be interfering with the external mouse movement. As I have mentioned before, my keyboard keys were half missing and not at all working. None of my laptop keys are working as I type this. I am using my USB keyboard

Anyways what I did was to disable the touchpad function on my laptop.

How do you do it?

Look for the blue icon on your taskbar. It's the Acer Device fast-lane settings. Click on that and turn ON the touchpad lock function.

The solution that worked for me

Install keytweak and disable scroll down button on your keyboard

Because of the said problems, I downloaded keytweak into my smartphone, then Bluetooth the exe file to my laptop and then installed it. You can download the software from here

I then disabled the arrow down button and restarted the computer. THAT DID THE TRICK!

I have been using my mouse and keyboard for days now and the mouse hasn't scroll down whenever I browse Chrome or randomly click on desktop shortcuts on the bottom of my homepage

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