Monday, August 14, 2017

# butterless oatmeal chocolate chip cookies # eggless cookies

Food Review: Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies No egg No butter

Feeling depressed and dejected that my job applications are being rejected, and my follow up emails are bring ignored, and my Linkedin messages are not being replied to, I decided to seek some comfort, in some comfort food of course!!!

Come hither, these babies tasted so darn good

I hacked the recipe from here

Of course I made a few adjustments to what I have sitting in my pantry

It tasted good and I was happy

I added chopped up white chocolate while the cookies were cooling down. I just pressed down the chucks into the cookies; which added more craggies to it and made it look even better

Couldn't help myself nibbling into one cookie, damn hoe was beckoning to be eaten (sorry the language)

And here's my version of the recipe

My hacks:

bourbon flavored vanilla essence

granulated sugar instead of brown sugar

sunflower oil instead of coconut oil

2 cups of instant Quaker oats

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