Monday, October 29, 2018

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Diet Product Review: LuSlimLaBeb

Having had enough from my husband about my post-pregnancy fat that refused to go away, when I finally got a job (and with the flow of extra dough on the side) I decided to buy slimming tea online from LuSlimLaBeb

I am a natural skeptic when it comes to supplements to lose weight. This was my first failed attempt at my online forays to losing weight by consuming pills, teas, powders and what not.

I bought the 10 day starter pack for RM 72 bucks (with shipping it came up to RM 80) To be entirely honest, it helped me fart a lot during the day, and the night tea kept me awake and bloated at night.

While it may have worked for a lot of people, I did not work out for me. I lost zero weight and gained zero confidence. I just finished the tea because I had already spent so much on it.

Today, out of the blue I received an email which put too much emphasis on calling out my name at every other sentence, so I just replied a short, quick, curt reply thanking them for their efforts and not to bother with me again.

I don't mean to villify the products I have tested online, but different people have different bodies and whilst some shit may work on the rest, it does not for me. Especially not tea.

In my next reviews (when I do put the effort to write and publish it) I will go in length about which slimming and beauty product that works for brown people such as myself. The hints are all there in my reply below.

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