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Kindie Review: Beaconhouse Jalan Gasing

The school I had in mind for my son. I even went there last year with him to review their school, premises, structure, programmes offered and fees.

I called them just now and had a 20 mins chat about what they are offering. In my personal opinion, something that an average middle class parent can afford, and the lady over the phone was very patient in explaining how the school works, their extra enrichment classes offered and their day care activities.


Jan-May (2 weeks break)

Class size

Maximum 20 children in a class supervised by 1 teacher

What you have to pay for

School Uniform: RM 57
Sports Uniform: RM 52
Food which is catered by Little Caterers

Fess & Programme

1. Half day programme

8.30pm till 12.30 pm

Registration fee: RM 200
Refundable deposit: RM 850 (refundable with 2 months notice)
Academic Fees: RM 9900 per annum (you will get 3% discount for full payment)
or first month payment of RM 1700 (for the first month) and subsequent payment of RM 820 monthly

Term fees to be paid at the start of every term, twice a year:
Jan: RM 1400
Jun: RM 1400
**Term fees cover excursion, field trips and outdoor activity costs.

2. Extra enrichment classes

  • teakwondo classes (the most popular class by far)
RM 170 for 10 lessons
**exam fees to be paid separately
Lunch RM 50
Uniform: RM 75
Registration: RM 60
So in total it would cost you about RM 355 for 10 lessons of teakwondo
  • Dancing classes 
RM 300 for 10 module
Uniform & shoes separate fees : I didn't inquire
  • robotics (learning to use blocks, toys, engineering)
did not inquire the price
  • Mandarin (for students whom are going to start their Standard 1 in Chinese curriculum schools)
RM 110 for 2 lessons of 1 hour each

3. Full Day Programme

Time: 8.30am till 6.00 pm

Term Fee

Jan RM 1600
Jun RM 1600
**Term fees cover excursion, field trips and outdoor activity costs.

Registration fees : RM 200
Refundable deposit: RM 1400
Insurance (for day care) RM 21.20
Academic fees: RM 16,100 per annum (3% discount for full payment)
or first month payment of RM 2650 and subsequent payment of RM 1345 monthly
  • Daycare programme under full day programme
12.30pm-lunch followed by shower
45 mins to 1 hour naptime
3-4pm tea time
4-6pm playtime/homework

For further inquiries, I suggest you give them a call at +603 7781 5282

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