Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Cakes And A Brother

I know alot of people who take their brother(s) for granted. He's paying for my bills, he's going to pay for my wedding, he's this, that and all that Indian mumbo-jumbo tales I hear. No guesses here for me.

Anyways let's cut that short and go to what I bought for my brother when mum told he hes at home for a week break before hitting his final few papers next week.

So I went to a cheap cake shop, got a fresh cream and then hit Secret Recipe and got some more, I know my brother is a sweet tooth like me!

5 slices of Carrot Brownies
4 Slices of American Brownies
1 slice of cheese choc
1 slice of mud choc cake
1 slice of (I have forgotten which)
and a mini blueberry made of fresh cream. It may look ugly but the cream was really fresh and it was delightful to my fussy taste buds.

Well, no chocolates this time but I made it up with cakes!

And THAT'S how much I love my brother!

Blueberry Fresh Cream Mini RM 14

Another shot

Third shot

Total tab came up to RM 60++

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