Sunday, November 8, 2009

# cheap food # chinese vegan

Food Poisoning

I got food poisoning from this shop...the 1st visit was fine, second visit I tried on something new and it got me sick for 3 days

After the jump....FAILED!

Never to go there again! Food is pricey, 2 dish comes to about RM 20++

Fucking retards those people! One dish starts at RM 5!

Never mind the air conditioned, if your food sucks, then YOUR RESTAURANT SUCKS!

Chicken Rice

Another angle, note my RM 2 lemon drink (no sugar please--she didn't listen to me)

This tofu dish was actually nice

Second shot

And now you know which shop to avoid

See, remember to stamp this unto your brain!

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  1. I never try vegetarian foods anyway. But I'll warn my friends not to go that shop :P