Friday, November 27, 2009

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Dessert at La Senza Mid Valley

I was hungry as hell today. I had skipped breakfast at home; gulped down a glass of milk at 5 AM, and after it was an ongoing battle between me and my stomach. Luckily the guy at work had a quick lunch so I packed my gears and went down to grab a cab/bus...whichever came first. The sun was shinning, and I was getting nicely baked when the damn U82 changed it route today and decided to skip the offices. I had to walk out to catch a cab from the highway.

Damn public holiday. You know I didn't realise it was public holiday till I sat in an half empty bus to KL. And by time the driver hit KL Sentral-guess who was the only one left? Yous truly.

Ok, so now where were we? The cab. Right then I had wanted to go to the cheap Chinese Vegan Shop at Pasar Seni but I changed my mind when I saw the empty roads and hit MV instead. The roads were empty alright. But MV was packed with people. Traffic moved from the roads to malls. And there were so many kids today I felt like trampling on them! Damn, I'm mean. I was heading to the food court on the 5th floor when I came across La Senza and decided to take a peek. I mean the last time I bought something from La Senza was 6 months back. A black sheer camidoll. I like camidolls. Sooooo, I saw Christmas goodies and bought 5 pair of knickers. Then I saw the Christmas issue and I saw a purple camidoll I liked. It was satin-sheer. Lovely. MV didn't have my size in stock so I went to Gardens and bought it from there. And since there was a 15% off, I added a satin-silk knockout knicker.

Then I remembered the real reason I went to MV, decided not to get carried away and went to the food court, had a proper lunch, went to Gelato's and had dessert there (strawberry, pineapple and mango)

Then I came across MPH and went in to buy my sister's list of books. I only found one, (the kids!!! they were everywhere) I had to tiptoe!! What are children doing in MPH? Unleashed some more!!! On the way to the counter I came across Dog Days and added that to the stack.

Walked to the South Court, grabbed a waiting cab and went back to work. One more hour, wait a minute!! 15 more mins to 5PM!!

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