Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Lunch at Italianness

After a whole morning of shopping, we decided to rest our souls and fill our stomachs with food from Italiannies. I loved that place, the decor is lovely, the staff friendly (although there was another haul at servers and menu; this time less Filipinos and more Indians and cheaper looking menu)

But the pizzas, as always fresh and nice, but sadly my brother's daiquiri didn't live up to its name. It tasted like strawberry smoothie. Hands down Chili's KLCC makes the best frozen margarita and daiquiris!

Anyways, some pictures after the jump!

Our plates

My drink. It was a mix of vodka and cream. I actually loved it, but it was a bit on the dry side

Looked like Malibu mixed with toddy

Daiquiri that tastes like blended strawberries

Yum Yum, spinach and artichoke farmagio 

Chicken Pizza but had replaced the chicken with broccoli. We requested mushrooms but the server heard broccoli

Cluttered plates. When he (yes, my brother wanted to treat me) I chatted with one of my ex-colleague back in BU and she updated me with the rest of the clan's activities. Someone got married to Italiannies manager @the Curve and is heavily pregnant, etc. I tipped my server RM 10.Told her, no one used to tip the hostess/servers and it is certainly good to get something out of the hard work and poor pay they have to put up with

My gorgeous self!

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