Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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BFF's Wedding

One of my good friend got married 2 weeks ago. It was very traditional and I got carried away taking so many pictures of myself and her that her mum had to remind me...haha..anyways I got to meet her younger brother that just got back from States. Mental note: got to remind her he is too friendly with women. Maybe cos I'm seeing him the light of my own brother.

The food at her wedding was great, she looked really pretty; glittering in white diamonds, purple Saree that complemented her skin really well and gorgeous make-up. It must have cost her a bomb to get the hall cos it was really huge and the food was tasty. As usual, the vegetarian food was squeezed into the furthest corner of the hall and had I not asked one of the waiter I would have gone hungry.

Then while finding the groom's house for after-wedding-photo-shoot we got lost (following the wrong car) I had to call my cousin to get proper direction, we stopped at a gas station, stopped a running car and finally someone lead us to the right direction. Just as we were about to make a last attempt resort to get the security guard to lead us, we saw her father's car coming out of a corner and we quickly stopped him and followed him to the park. By then, it was 4 PM, the sun was scorching hot and I was hot and sticky in my Saree. 

Well, come to think of it, it was worth it. The park where we went for the photo shoot was very secluded and lovely. Plus alot of cool looking restaurants which offered imported booze. 2 thumbs up!!

Finally, with all that done. Jane dropped me at Kajang KTM, I locked the Ladies from inside, stripped from my Saree and changed to a sundress, pulled aviators over my eyes and waited for the train to KL. From there I took the bus to Banting. My day ended with a nice long cold shower (yes COLD, I was as sticky as honey!)

So, here are the pictures of her wedding.

This picture was too dark so I had to adjust it. I'm not good with Photoshop and it shows.

Her flowers matched the amber detailing on her Saree border

One huge hall

Not to mention it was so super high tech with large screens on both sides of the stage and tons of color lights, laser lights, disco balls

Some stuff used for the wedding ceremony

Priest requesting for some additional stuff, couldn't understand what he was saying though

Shining disco balls, kidding. Its the snake charmers

And the table player

My gorgeous self in the bride's changing room

I just hovered my handphone to get this shot of him tying the thali

Clockwise; Me, Ramzan and Jane

The park. It was soo goddman hot in there

And she is married now!

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