Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Bestest Wedding of the Year!

I know the title sounds a bit exaggerated but really it was the bestest wedding I've been to this year. My cousin brother finally decided to get hitched and there was a frenzy of dates to finalise the Garba Party, the Wedding and the Dinner. 

My cute Nephew

Pithi ceremony

Lunch after the Mandvo-clockwise; carrot halwa, crushed raw vege, dhal, sag and pulao rice

Bride and groomed flanked by friends and family

My cute nephew again

The nasi lemak had Chilli Boh taste and I threw it away but wolfed down 2-3 chat masalas and a bun of pav bhaji

Up close shot

Another greedy shot

Let's start with the Garba party. I went late because me and Dipisha took too much time dressing up and getting ready. But even after we had arrived the bride was not there yet so we know we were on time! The food was delicious, but stupid me. I was waiting for Dips friends to arrive so we can eat together but my stomach got the better of me and I whacked too much of exotic looking chat masala. It tasted really good but I had missed the cupcakes. Sigh...I love cupcakes!!!! Never mind, I'll definitely put some on my wedding (nowhere soon though) I was a bit shy at first to hit the dance floor but in we went and after that alot of people started coming in for the round of garba and it went to a different direction (later I found out that it was a traditional style) of pausing at a word from the song and them jumping up "hurrah" style and resuming the dance. It was nice and very different. Maybe cos aunt' relatives came from India with their distinctive strong garba dancing styles. I did feel a bit guilty though waiting for Dips and her stupid friends. Mental note: never let her invite any of her friends for any house-event. About an hour after the garbe started to get hot and heavy, lights were turned off and disco lights came on. Whoever the DJ was he really did a good work by minimizing Punjabi Bhangra songs and maximizing Guju garba songs. I guess he understood pretty much judging from the garba-loving crowd (aunt's relatives from India) I was live MMSing and Video-ing Priyu so I missed second half of the garba.

Bride to be @ garba party

Groom to be @ garba party

Ok, I'm getting slightly obsessed now

Dips yukking it up with my nephew Krish

Mitesh at the back

Well, with that done. Lets talk about the wedding. Me and Dips woke up early, had breakfast, then slept back and later checked out promptly to go to Ancasa. We got our hair done at a saloon nearby before hitting the hotel. The guy at the check-in looked so much like my ex it startled me. I started looking at his hands to see if he was shaking or something, but he looked more confused. His name plate spelled "raj". Well, close enough. Anyways when he talked, the accent didn't sound like my ex so well, that about does it. I told Dips but she says to brush it off. Doubt if its him, she says. The eyes looked different. By then I was already fantasizing what breakfast they would server tomorrow morning. He he he. I am the connoisseur of good food! 

After we got dressed, pinned up our sarees and done getting pretty we took a cab and left. Plan was to reach at 4.30PM. We arrived at my aunt's place before time, with 10 mins to spare. It started raining a bit and that dampened my wedding spirits. Bright side is I got to sit on the limo with my cousin on the ride to the hall and back!! He he he, It was a posh Beemer with lots of unexpectedly placed buttons and functions. Wedding was a bit long so my aunt asked the pandit to rush it up. 

Then, some idiot hall staff took the wedding in his hands and announced dinner is served while the wedding was still going on!! I was like what the hell. This prompted idling guests to make  a beeline to the dinner served one floor below. And I had to rush thru my dinner to attend to my cousin brother and guests' money gifts. Haha, good for me the caterer left paneer and rasmalai which I heated up with a hair dryer in the hotel and ate it while neatly tucked under covers watching a dishy movie on Australian Network. The bride and groom were cam-whoring for too long and one of the uncles took the mike and concluded the wedding by saying "Alvida". Ha ha ha ha ha I was racking with laughter when he said that. Another time, when too many photographers and an amateur Chinaman were on the mandap taking pictures, all we could see were butts of people. So, one of the uncles started tapping their shoulders and getting them off the mandap. We chased the amateur Chinaman whom by now was fingering my uncle's dupatta for a picture. I think this idiot has never been to an Indian wedding before. Then there was a mama's son who was hovering at the mandap because his dad was the best man. Again, the fantastic Mr Uncle did a splendid job by chasing him away by diverting him to look for my cousin brother to fix the music. Finally, mandap cleared of clutters we got to see bits and pieces of the ceremony.  

Detailing on groom's dress

Just in time for the pheras but alas! No flowers! Someone dis-garlanded a used garland of flowers to throw at the bride and groom as they make their 4 circles around the fire; thus solemnizing their wedding. Then when that ran out, someone else scooped the flowers from the mandap floor and we reused the flowers again to shower the couple. Ha ha ha ha this was fun. Unconsciously, the wedding became a earth-friendly wedding. 

Exchanging garlands. We had strong men on our side so after this shot was taken, they did a bit of a jiggly dance

Check out the talwar

The kolam thingy



Dome flowers @ mandap roof

Stage decor

My aunt with her grandson

Priyu's in laws

Darren the Photographer getting up close from behind

Dinner time!

Priyu's brother in law came for the wedding and they stayed right till the event finished before jumping for food like some of the pariah Gujus did. It was embarassing. As I was making my way down the stairs precariously with my 4 inch Elle to get water for Linesh I saw them wolfing down the food and stared at me when I passed by them. I was like shit! WTF are these people doing?? We got the water and went back up again. 

My Gorgeous Self-bear in mind my left contact lenses was scarred and slightly teared. But it manage to survive the night LOL

The conclusion, wedding was a blast but the garba party was even nicer. I loved it. I had so much fun I stayed back for one day and had sore throat afterward from eating too much rasmalai.