Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Wedding VideoGrapher

Well, since doodle.com.my was out of the price range, we decided to opt for someone else  namely Alan from shoot.com.my
I was impressed with this work, he even did a wedding party on a boat. His prices were reasonable also and he is giving us the following package for the wedding

Full editing for music & title + Menu & Chapter Selection
Graphic & Special effect
Camera Type : Panasonic camera
Video shooting on SD(16.9) broadcast format
2 videographer on site.
Post Production with :-
1 set 5min MTV montage Jpeg file
2 set 45min to 1 hours full video clip jpeg file
1 set Raw video DVD

Altough his pronounced English isn't very good he was a good character and gave some information on the videography itself. He is contactable at

No:21A,Jalan PP2/1 Putra Prima,
47100,Puchong Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel :016-323 8847,Fax :03-8062 7558
Website :www.shoot.com.my

I have seen many people's wedding albums and some are downright unpresentable. They images are not sharp, the same dull pixeled images were being reused to form flowers type images stacked on multiple pages. This was just too much for me, I didn't tell these people that their wedding album sucked high time. I politely told them it is nice. Those were my exact words. No blessed with looks, I made polite comments skewing away from their looks and makeup and dressing. You know how Indian brides look like on their wedding day, their brown bodies with their "whiten" faces. It's just not right

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