Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Doha Review: Bayt Virtual Job Fair(l)

Now and then, comes up with this virtual job fair that is aimed at for well, you know-people like you and me; who has been in Middle East for more than half a year and is still having a hard time landing a job despite applying almost religiously on all decent websites. I remembered setting up a calendar reminder to test out this "online job fair" Lo and behold, this thing deserves a review of its own. Allow me to rename it to SpamFair where all desperate people of all walks of life come into a chatroom to spam with each other with qualifications and contact numbers. Of course with no moderator the conversation goes beyond that. Before logging off, I had 3 private messages with hellos and his which I curtly ended with "unless you're a recruiter I am not interested" and some poor chap mistook another job seeker as an employer. Gosh, you'd think bayt would be more prepared for this! Then again, it could have been my fault for keeping my hopes too high. I failed to look closely at the "top companies" due to advertise in the email they sent last week. Let us scrutinize the email closely... far so good, it sounds promising...

...and a group of happy and serious looking people, plus there's a blond & black there. How bad can it get?

...and the top participants are...This is what I missed, I was in a rush so I forgot to look closely at who's hiring

Besides, judging from the employers looking to hire, they're probably new joiners with and are given a free virtual job fair for them to post vacancies. The only notable company here was Oracle, the rest were some HR firms and a handful of Lebanese-run fashion magazines

The front page of the job fair, flash booths created with Adobe Flash. Bayt had the audacity to come up with two tier of employers (to hype things up for seekers) named the Platinum and Gold Floor respectively. In one intelligible word I will summarise it: pbbffft

A company booth. The Qatar tourism booth had two badly-cut-and-paste figures, a Qatari man and a Qatari woman

And this is how the Job Seekers Chat Room looked like, sad and yes desperate. After 1 hour of checking out the whole poorly done Flash program I came here to rant it for viewers.

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