Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Doha Review: A birthday bash

A Malaysian friend of mine had a birthday bash/Friday brunch in Spice Market, W. While the party was fun and the crowd were jolly I was more impressed with the food and staff. I should probably review this place in TripAdvisor; never in Doha you will find truly kind staff AND authentic Malaysian cuisine in a sentence. The Friday brunch buffet were served in claypot no less. Being a picky vegetarian, the staff were kind enough to custom make lentil soup for me (because both the laksa and tom yum were shrimp based) Then I remembered that the chef himself was a Malaysian. Truly the Malaysian hospitality; he made pisang goreng (banana fritters) Johor style; where the sweet poppers are dipped in chili-padi-caramel-sauce mix. Being a Malaysian myself, I never knew this. Never mind the hefty price tag for Friday brunches in Doha; this was priced at 290 and 360 (with alcohol) but if you miss Asian food and want to rekindle that love; go to Spice Market on a Friday. Did I mention the murtabak station next to the duck station? The duck is rolled into soft chee chung fan skin and served on the spot

Now, about the Friday brunches. I will never understand why they call it brunches in Doha when in reality its just buffet lunch. Something I read in passing mentioned that Doha "and its famous brunches" and somewhere else in the magazine the brunch timing was clearly stated between 12pm till 4pm. Sheesh, so much for lunch!

Right then, moving along to the crowd. I was her only Asian friend in attendance! Not really the talker, I had hard time talking and connecting with her friends. Hmmm...if only this problem can be solved with a shell script or two. I had to leave early and missed the after-party; had a visa run to fulfil

Anyhow, some pictures of the event.

I had the fried rice, pineapple fried rice, thai green curry, mixed vegetables, sushi, lemon-mint drink, complimentary champagne and some cocktail (on the house) They also gave us complimentay plates of chicken samosa and satay

Complimentary birthday cake; complete with fireworks and all

Posing after handing her the birthday gift; a set of necklace and earrings. I expected everyone else to present her with pressies but there were only two of us who gave her something; and the staff too. They framed a picture of them, complete with birthday and farewell greetings

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