Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Doha Review: Boston Medical Care

Yesterday I braved myself to venture into an ob/gyn's office in downtown Doha, near Al Waab (on the way to Villagio) This clinic specializes in few area of medical care; namely eye, children, ob/gyn and skin. When I say skin, then you know it also includes plastic surgery, skin whitening and botox injections. Yes, botox are more easily available here than in Malaysia and oddly a lot of the doctors here are experienced enough to administer them. Be cautioned when you go to this clinic, they don't have in-house pharmacy so you will have to walk down the street to Teyseer petrol station to buy your meds from Khulud Pharmacy. If your insurance covers it, you can reimburse it later. Mine does so I am going to claim them

So my doctor, Dr Najla joined them in December and previously she used to work in Al-Tahal (I can't be sure of the spelling) just down the road from Boston. Overall, I was satisfied with the service and consultation although the doctor seemed very reluctant to get into details when I asked some specific medical related questions, and said to come back after 10 days for my results. She prescribed me a batchful of meds to eat for the ten days while my next appointment

As I sat in the segregated waiting rooms I glanced upon a book of price list, I thought it might have the price list of all procedures but it was only for dental procedures. Never the less I took pictures of each pages. As you can see, the prices here at this clinic is reasonable as compared to other clinics closer to West Bay area. My total tab came up to 800+ riyals and because my insurance only covers 80% I only paid about 141 riyals. It's about the same price as my last check in Malaysia-and that one I went to a private hospital no less and had to wait for 1.5 hours before I could see my doctor. Dr. Najla ob/gyn is well known among local Qataris and several Flipinos so I guess she must be good at what she's doing

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