Monday, June 17, 2013

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Bypassing Qatar Internet Censorship

Here in Doha, sometimes life can get pretty restricted. Browsing over the world wide web, certain groups of torrent, porn, erotic, some wiki pages, and even proxy-browser websites are blocked, especially if you're using broadband and wifi-both Qtel and Vodafone. Over drinks last week, a drunk American went on to brag and Ultrasurf. I did a Google and while their main .com site was blocked at my end, is available. This app does justice to open browsing for-all. Once you have it unzipped and installed, you run it and a gold padlock icon will appear on the lower right of your screen.

How does it work? An except taken from their website explains it all

ANSWER: When a user launches Ultrasurf, the tool automatically discovers the best available proxy servers from our global server pool and connects the user to it via an encrypted tunnel. In this process, the user's IP address is hidden from the websites visited, and their communications are securely encrypted. This allows users to circumvent surveillance and overcome blocking and censorship.

After a few days of using it, I noticed that I have to keep refreshing the connection, sometimes Ultrasurf's health status is not good and the internet connection goes off. You will have to do a bit of tweaking, that is to change the proxy settings in the "Options" menu to automatically detect proxy setting instead of using the default proxy setting provided by Ultrasurf

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