Monday, July 1, 2013

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Black Pepper Coated Mock Chicken Curry

Ah, I had the privilege of having amazing spice mix that constantly allows me to roll out these simply delightful dishes. So today after ransacking deeper in the drawer I found packet of black pepper meat tempura coating powder which the husband had brought from his recent weekend trip to Malaysia. So I decided to fry the chat potatoes and mock chicken in the powder mix and they turned out pretty well I must say. I was too lazy to prepare the sauce to cook the chicken with so I opened up a packet of ready made paste; all I had to do was add 400 ml of water, boil the peanut flavored dry tofu, add in some pre-fried, water drained cut tofu pieces into it and when the peanut flavored dry tofu had cooked well, to add in the paste, the mock chicken and potato pieces. Overall, it turned out quite well although I must say the curry was a bit watery so I added in some coconut powder. Easy, tasty and a filling dinner

 The black pepper meat coating powder mix

The curry paste for the mock chicken

Fried potato and mock chicken

Boiling dry peanut-flavored tofu and pre-fried tofu

The final product~

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