Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Food Review: The Dessert of Champions

Since I am trying to conceive, I've cut back on my vodkas and beers and stick to 2 or 3 glasses of Merlot (yuck I know) but its for the best plus red wine is no harm for the heart. AND to accompany my drinks I usually order a dessert to make the Merlot taste better. Champions in Marriott Courtyard has about 5 choices of dessert, and they are:
  • chocolate nachos
  • lime pie

  • smores cheesecake (accompanied by 4 pieces of warm smores and 2 pieces of biscuits sandwiched together by a dose of caramel glue and then drenched in more of the caramel sauce)
  • apple cobbler (excellent coctail of apples cooked in cinnamon sauce and crumbled together with crumbs which was way too sweet but I'm not complaining!) It came with a side dish of vanilla ice cream in a ramekin

  • triple sundae (I had hard time swallowing this. Picture this ; 3 scoops of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, a ramekin of bitter chocolate and a huge slice of chocolate cake underneath the ice cream coctail-just typing this was mouthful)

And my favorites were the cheesecake and the apple cobbler. I haven't tried the nachos yet which I will the next time I am there so let's see how that goes

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