Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Food Review: Frozen Gujarati Food

In my last post I mentioned about Megamart@Salwa Road. Today I am going to write about the food available there. Megamart stores food items you can't get in Carrefour or Lulu or even Family Food Center. They take pride in stocking awesomasity stuffs like frozen Gujarati food, Thai sauces and pastes, products made in the UK, exotic products from all parts of the world and ice creams brands you simply can't get elsewhere. And they don't come cheap let me tell you that. 1.8 litre of Blue Bell costs about 35 riyals, I still think its cheap compared to the ice creams they sell in Carrefour City Center. Things here are arranged nicely, BUT the price stickers are hard to read. Black ink on yellow stickers? Really? And some product don't have price stickers on them so you don't know how much you're going to end up paying. The fruits looked fresh, the vegetables were well stocked and they were plenty of Caucasians and Pinoys doing their weekly grocery shopping here. I got to say, some items were slightly cheaper than Carrefour's such as the yogurt tubs (Rachel's) and Drocolli's strawberries. They had a wide range of soy and oyster sauces, even wider range of Thai pickles and best of all, frozen Gujarati food. This was a shocker for us, having never seen frozen Gujarati food in out lives. We just stood there for 30 seconds not knowing what to do, just letting it sink in our shocked brains

So after digging thru the variety of Gujarati food available, we decided on Bajra Rotla and Sandwich Dhokla, both priced at 6.75 riyals each and the latter came in a microwavable plastic containers. All you have to do is make holes on the cover with your fork and dump it in your microwave for 5 minutes and voila~ you have yourself a traditional Gujarati dinner!

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