Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Food Review: Onken and Rachel's Yogurt Tub

I love these yogurts, they taste great and the fruit bits are generously distributed in the tub, up till the last bite you will have some piece of the fruit in your mouth. Plus, they're low fat and keep you full for up to 4 hours (that is if you finish a tub in one seating!) But here in Carrefour City Center, they're priced from 23-28 riyals each and that's just bloody ridiculous pricing if you ask me. For the same price, you could probably get 5 tubs of locally made version; which almost always taste too sweet. So every time I do my grocery at Carrefour in City Center I always check out the Dairy aisle, if I am lucky they have these yogurts on sale. Two days back they were on sale, and multiple flavors too! They put these items on sale every now and then whenever they're close to expiring. I have developed a taste for Rachel's and was trying hard to stay minela when I saw them on sale! I got greedy. I picked up as many tabs as I could carry since they were so cheaply priced; at 10 riyals each!

Today I opened Rachel's rhubarb flavor and I have 5 more to go!

I know for a fact that you can get them cheaper at Megamart on Salwa Road. I was just there last week with my husband at Tofu and Cake, it's an Indonesian Restaurant serving tofu, pecal and sorts located in a derelict building right behind Megamart. You can find plenty of Blue Bell and other American ice creams over there, something you will never find in West Bay. Megamart is tad bit over-priced, probably because they know they carry items you can't find anywhere else in Doha and they take the pride to overcharge patrons-not that they're complaining. All the cash registers had long queues!

And I also managed to get this from there, root beer flavored Wrigley's! It came three different flavors: the mint chocolate, strawberry cupcake and root flavor. The tagline is pretty catchy! Available at 6.75 riyals each

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