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Food Review: No-Cook Edible Gum / Gundh Pak Recipe

Ok bitches lets get started on this recipe. I am going for my C-Section later this month and since I won't be able to swallow down solids for some weeks my aunt in India gave me the perfect recipe to make a wholesome tasty no-cook gundh pak or kachu gundh (raw gundh) / edible gum recipe to eat after my delivery. I figured I had better I do this shit myself otherwise the MIL will want to come here and ruin my delivery. Disrupt my private moments with my husband and baby with her mumbo jumbo. No thank you

First things first. I know you housewives have a love for utensils. I suggest you bitches invest in a good set of measuring spoon. Get the one that has at least a tablespoon, a teaspoon, 1/2 , 1/3 and 1/4 sponful. I use this to measure. Don't be stupid and measure with your dining spoon or ice cream spoon. And don't use too many utensils to cook. I know some of you bitches love to fill up the basin and spend hours doing the dishes. NO. STOP. If you're going to do this, then do it my way. I hate women slaving themselves in the kitchen for hours for one shitty thing you can cook in 10 mins

Here's what you will need

10 table spoons of powdered edible gum resin / gundh
5 tablespoons of almond powder
5 tablespoons of cashew nut powder
3 tablespoons of dry raisins (optional)
1 1/2 table spoons of gunthara / gonthara
2 tablespoons of gringer powder
100 grams of dry coconut flakes (add more if you like)
100 grams of jaggery/gor (add more to your liking)
melted ghee/clarified butter

Step 1

Again, don't go overboard with your utensils. Look at how many utensils I used. Slap yourself in the face if you still don't dig it

Step 2

Heat up the ghee so it melts and becomes watery

Step 3

While the ghee is being melted, get the gundh mixture ready. Add ginger powder to the pot

Step 4

Add coconut flakes

Step 5

Add gonthara/gunthara

Step 6

Add almond powder

Step 7

Add the cashew nut powder

Step 8

Add the edible gum resin/gundh/gondh

Step 9

Add jaggery last

Step 10

Put on your gloves bitches and mix the powder mixture well. Yes bitches, no one wants to taste your pubes in the gundh

Step 11

Pour the warm ghee over the mixture and mix well with a wooden ladle or your gloved hands

Step 12

Let the mixture cool off before transferring to a glass or steel container. Store in the back of your shelf or keep in a room with temperature running at 21-25 Celcius. Cool, dry place-remember that bitches

I made two batches, this is the second batch. I went overboard with the coconut flake here, reduced the ghee and jaggery

The first batch I added a bit more jaggery and ghee and you can see its shinier and darker than the second batch I did. If you are heading for C-Section then don't put so much of ghee in your recipe. Use just enough to coat the mixture


I don't know the English word for gonthara/gunthara so if you know it please comment it

This recipe is totally hackable, you can add/reduce whatever amount of the dry powder items to your liking. I just followed word by word what my aunt provided to me

Don't go eating the thing right away, it takes 2 days for the ghee to seep properly especially into the edible gum powder.

If you can't find edible gum then sub it xantan gum or gum accacia. They sell it plenty in Souq Waqif, Doha

Says who you can't make your own delivery food? If I can so can you.

And if you're still in doubt what some of the items I use mean, then buy this book, read Chapter 12 and Index

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