Saturday, November 1, 2014

# review


I was given a good solid breakfast and lunch, I was beginning to miss proper food! We packed, checked out and went down to the pharmacy to get a cleansing gel for my wound, spray bottle to wipe my wound clean and we were given a brief explanation by a nurse, given a bottle of liquid baby formula (which came in very handy when we reached home because he was hungry at night) We were also given his red book where his growth is charted, his vaccines are recoded and his doctor's appointments scheduled. Please ask for more liquid formula bottles, expecially if you are unprepared with powder formula and your milk factory is not up and running. If they ask you to pay for it, then pay for it because everything else is covered by your insurance anyways. My cost came up to 30 000 riyals and we paid only about 900 riyals for my son's extended stay in NICU which wasn't covered by my insurance provider

Before we left the L & D I asked the nurse why his eyes are yellow, does he have jaundice and she is like jaundice? No! But I knew he had jaundice because his eyes were very yellow. Word of advice, don't check out yet until you have your son's jaundice level checked it's only a matter of seconds they have a handheld infra-red device that reads babies' jaundice levels on their forehead. Remember that jaundice spreads from top to bottom and if it has reached his eyes it will spread downwards to his entire body and that's what happened to my son in the next few days

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