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Doha Review: Fnding the Right Baby Bottle

Back in Malaysia where the only baby bottles available are local brands and Avent, people seem to think that Avent has the best baby bottles. That is not the case. After switching from Avent to Dr Brown I finally settled on NUK. Why I fell for Avent I will never understand. The 4 oz bottle is way to big for a new born, expecially for a premie. Dr Brown is another clumsy bottle with too many parts and if your child is wailing in hunger really doesn't help.

Avent Natural Review

We bought the Avent Natural bottle and most of the milk he drank he dribbled down the sides of his mouth to the back of his ears and I had to clean all the dried up milk behind his ears daily otherwise it stank. After about 3 weeks of this I had enough and the husband bought Dr Brown

Dr Brown's Wide Neck Blue Bottle

On whim the husband bought an 8 oz/ 240ml Blue bottle. It was huge and the baby had to suck and suck to get milk flowing to his mouth. Halfway he was always out of breath and made noises while drinking from it. Sometimes exasperated he cried out so I went back to Avent. I don't recommend this bottle (even with stage 1 nipple) for newborns or premies

Dr Brown's Standard Narrow Bottle

I bought the 4 oz/120 ml bottle after the epic failure of the Wide Neck Bottle and at the first few attempts my son was drinking alright but then the same dribbling down his mouth issue happened again so off it went to the top shelf of my cupboard. These days I use the bottle with my Medela Swing to express my milk and store it in the fridge

NUK Orthodontic 3oz

I always thought NUK was some local made in UAE brand that locals use over here until I had a closer inspection of the nipple in the Al Meera near my villa. The orthodontic nipple mimicked so much the human nipple. I was impressed. The MIL was with me and warned me about changing bottles too often that will confuse my child. I was torn between buying or not buying. I decided to try out with this bottle, just in case. And it was the most rightest decision I have ever made in choosing a bottle for my baby. He takes the whole teat into his mouth and the dribbling reduced by leaps and bounds. These days if he drinks too fast then some of the milk dribbles down the corners of his mouth, otherwise this bottle is perfect! Not only that the bottle mouth fits into my Medela Swing pump and sometimes I express into my 3oz bottles just before Viaan wakes up and feed him from the bottle right away

NUK Orthodontic slow flow 5 oz/150 ml bottles

I was so happy with NUK that I bought 3 NUK Orthodontic 5 oz bottles from Amazon on Cyber Monday. I received the shipment yesterday (paid a hefty amount for expedited DHL shipping) The bottles themselves are made in USA but the nipples are made in Germany. The baby took the new wide neck bottle right away. He is going to be 3 months in a week's time and I wanted to make the change to a wider neck because as he is growing so is his mouth and he takes the whole teat from his old NUK bottle into his mouth so with this new one (which looks so much like a human nipple) the switch was a success. Once I start weaning him I am going to change the nipple to fast flow anti-colic air system. Both his old and new NUK nipples are anti-air system only

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