Friday, August 11, 2017

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Food Review: Instant Jalebi No Yeast No Besan

I saw this recipe on Youtube from this MasterChef India and she made it look so easy I just had to try it

My sugar syrup was off so I had to stir for way too long just to burn off the excess water so I can get a thick single strand stage, but still, in the end the jalebi turned out really well. Crispy, dripping in sugar and melt in your mouth orange fatsos. Yummy!

Damn just look at these hoes, will you? Do they not tantalize your senses?

They look wiggly because I didn't use a nozzle in my piping bag

The link to full recipe here


I mixed ghee with cooking oil to deep fry the jalebis

Orange coloring in gel instead of powder

Added saffron strands and rose essence in batter

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