Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Pregnancy and The New Crib

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The big and powerful word in a couple's life. Pregnancy. Let me enlighten you with when I found out I was pregnant. I wasn't expecting the pregnancy, not after having four glasses of wine two days before my husband's birthday and inhaling a good amount of smoke on his birthday, as a matter of fact I mistook the spotting as period! The only different feeling I had this time was the tenderness in my breasts. They felt very soft and when I ran at the mill, they hurt. I mistook them as a sign my period was due!

Come Friday the 7th I realized I was way past my period and decided to get a home test kit. My husband got tea while I went to the ladies and peed on the kit. It came back positive. I quickly flushed and made my way to him, waiting at the food court of City Center, nursing a cup of tea. I was stifling a huge smile but he saw it a mile away. I quickly sat down and announced the news. Ever the cautious one, he asked me to test again the next morning. I did and it was positive, although the line was faint. He called out from outside while I waited patiently in the loo for my second reading. It came back positive! I threw open the door and said "here, see for yourself" and gently threw the kit at a sleepy head on the bed. I made an appointment with my ob-gyn at Aster, Dr Sabitha. 

I was 6 weeks pregnant when I left Doha, and am now into my 8th week running. We decided to keep to ourselves the juicy little secret until the time is right to tell everyone.

Thank god I am alone in my new crib, with plenty of food and time to read up my book on pregnancy. Enjoying the time spent alone...ahh the bliss

And here are some snap shots of my new crib, after a big Ikea blowout

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Doha Review: West Bay Shuttle Bus

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The interior of the bus

  Double seats, carpet flooring

Today I took the chance to take a ride in the West Bay Black Shuttle Bus. Yeah, I added black to the sentence, well because the buses are painted black, the windows are tinted black, and its impossible to see who's inside, even at night. I book the Blue Line from QIIB station, and it circled around Hilton, Beach Tower, Asas Twin Towers, W, and the lot then went back to the main road and I got down at the Golden Bay Tower/Ezdan Hotel

the small tv behind the driver's seat

The lights (was switched off), the bell and the air cond

The curtain

The retractable leg rest

Here's some pictures of the bus. It looked decent and clean and had plenty of leg space to go about. Even after fully stretching my legs I still couldn't reach the leg rest

Friday, February 7, 2014


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Formidable wooden double doors greeting you on the 10th floor

After reading so many positive reviews online about this dental clinic, I decided to pay them a visit about my upper molar which was previously recommended for root canal (I know I am so young, but years of neglecting to floss and gargle took its toll on some of my teeth)

The female waiting room

I had my last filling done in Queen Dental in City Center, and after the last surgeon decided to shove his filthy fingers in my mouth before putting gloves over them I stopped going there. I had wanted to blog about it too, but figured it was just not worth it. Why ruin a perfectly good dental clinic over one dentist's poor hygiene? Having learnt my lesson, I was plucky when it came to deciding whom I wanted to grope around in my mouth at British Dental Center/Dr. Sarah's Dental Center.

The telly had a continuous show about the kind of teeth surgery/whitening/filling/dentures performed at the clinic and a clip about washing teeth the right way

Dr Sarah has two dental centers in Doha, one is behind a Mercedes showroom on Salwa Road and the other is in Salam Tower in West Bay, behind Tornado Tower. Au contrary to popular belief it is not the Salaam Tower opposite Renaissace/Marriot/City Center. This was highlighted when I called to make an appointment, when I asked if its the one on top of Salaam shopping mall, she was quick to correct me that its near Sheraton. When I actually went to the dental clinic, the receptionist was regaling tales of patients whom ended up in Salaam Tower and can't seem to get into the "dental office over there" Tehehe

The view from the waiting room

People got lost and confused so many times with both these Salam and Salaam Towers that they have resorted to printing Google Map of their West Bay branch with a picture of the building so patients would actually know how it looks like. You can't miss this tower, its visible from Tornado Tower/Monoprix. In a pyramid of skyscrapers, Salaam Tower is relatively short and ancient. Their lifts have wooden interior. Their lobby is no bigger than a living room. Salaam Tower has a twin tower located next to it, so look at the Google picture closely, the other tower is called Al-Mirqab Tower. If you're still confused, stand next to Tornado Tower (it should be on your left) and look ahead, Salam Tower is the one on the right. In the far distance, you can see Sheraton

Another angle

Now, I had to wait for about 30 minutes before I was ushered into the office. The service was impeccable, the staff filled my water bottle with water and the view form both the dentists' offices and waiting room was breathtaking. The whole of cornice and the sea in view from full length glass panels. I can imagine working here. It's just awesome

Price List

Now let get talk about the downside of this dental. I know they have a lot of Indian doctors, and a lot of expats in Doha are Caucasians and Asians are inferior in their eyes. Put the racism aside, and spend 10 minutes checking out the list of dentists available at the clinic and request for the dentist you are comfortable with. I had a both good and bad experiences with an Iranian doctors but that didn't stop me from making an appointment with Dr Fady Alian, a Middle Eastern in British Dental Clinic. I was told by the receptionist that he is the best for root canal and he was very good, his explanation was lengthy, his advise was non-judgmental and he was professional all the way. I came out feeling "better" already.

My insurance paid 80% of the fees so I paid about 65 bucks. My next appointment for the root canal is scheduled in July and that will be a wallet-shredder!

The dentist will always inform you upfront how much major surgery/filling/dentures etc will cost so its up to you if you want to go haead or cancel it. There was someone else before me, and that chap's dental cost about 4270 riyals (the dentist has forgotten to update to my profile so I could see the previous patient's cost total)

The aisle leading to the dentists' lair

I would recommend this dental center to you, if you're staying in West Bay. They doctors are fine, the receptionists are friendly and the service is great.

The reception desk

Try not to be racist, or feel that Asians/Indians/Middle Easterns are an inferior complex, put that all aside and you will have an enjoyable dental experience here

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Joomla Article Manager Photo Uploads with Simple Image Gallery Pro

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This was too annoying I just had to blog about it. I was arranging my pictures in Joomla's article manager with the Simple Image plugin, and couldn't help but point out one teeny tiny flaw in the tool. By default after all the images are uploaded, the picture you choose to Insert into your Article will be the first picture in the group of pictures upload. And the first picture is the picture in ASCENDING FUCKING ORDER!

So if you upload 5 images, and they're named as such:


And you want the default picture to be the latter, you will have to rename it. To cut my babble short allow me to demonstrate

1. First click on the Simple Image button at the bottom of your article. This plugin doesn't come free, it will cost you about 15 Euros

2. Create a gallery to upload your picture

3. Upload your pictures by dragging them into the drag box or manually upload them

4. Make sure you rename the first image to ensure that the picture you want is the first thumbnail image of the article

Of course, to make the articles appear in an uneven mosaic you need an altogether different module...