Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dinner Last week at a Popular Seafood Restaurant in JB

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Worth only for meat eaters, not for vegetarians. Anyway some picis after the jump

Kailan cooked in Chinese Wine

Mushroom and Broccoli

The only non-vege meal. Some fish cooked Thai style. Loved the smell of the curry. Hahahah...I've been struggling to replicate their tom yum sauce, but gave up and bought the pastes that come ready made from store

Mock meat

Death In Town

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The only time a ChinaMan is remembered is when he is dead. Extravagant and lavish funeral ceremonies even the King can't beat. C'mon funeral grounds that pipe out 60s songs when you walk near the stones? Free flow of chinese wine, pork roast, non-stop rounds of gambling. You people have it good. Indian people can learn a thing or two from Chinaman. Won't hurt to $pend.

I think this guy was a rich man...because not only did they hired a band, but also "gods" and uni-cyclists

Paper cut "mansion" for after world

Some "gods" and unicyclists

A small break....

...and back to work!



I forgot the color codes but I think blue means grandchildren?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dinner @ Tenji's

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Not that I mind Jap food, but every time my team go for dinner we somehow end up in either a Jap or a Korean restaurant. *roll eyes, so much for taking the "only vegetarian" into consideration

The young coconuts dumped into a barrel of ice. I think the only thing this Tenji was great at was stacking tons of crushed ice all over to make it look like they have a gazillion of food but in reality all they had were finger-food like portion of seafood that finished the moment it was laid out
Again, the ice and some sad looking prawns

 Finally, a great selection of tea hidden away from public...for reasons unknown

For a sweet tooth/vegetarian like me, my 3rd round was the dessert bar

My dessert platter

Food wasn't bad but I had hard time going to the place, the stupid cab driver didn't know how to go to Tenji, I didn't know it was located at SOHOKL instead of the stupid direction and map showing "Solaris Mont Kiara". Total assholes.

Anyway, there were plenty of coctails, pretty people, rich people and plenty of food varietes to choose from. I said variety, not a lot.

My first plate

Some fried shit/stuff

I don't even know what this is

Plenty of salad sauce and bread. *roll eyes, moving on... a close up shot...and off to greet...

..the swimming kebabs in OIL!!

The fruit/omochi in skewers!

I found something nice though, a fresh-made ice cream using sugar-free frozen milk blended with real, yes i repeat REAL red berries or blueberries. Choice is yours. I loved it! I think it cleaned my stomach!

Fresh made ice cream and red bean mochi

"Fresh" flowing chocolate fountain! And even fresher...

...Christmas Greetings in February! Presenting the gingerbread house stolen from the Grinch last year! Who says leftover from Christmas can't be reused? Do you think they did the same with the chocolate?

The neon lights made "Baskin Robbins" unreadable..again placed at a far side to discourage patrons from jamming their mouths with expensive ice cream. Losers

Sorry folks, no live band, it was replaced with.....

..the Bouncing Cold Coco-NUTS!

All in all, i would rate it 5/10

Good bye Tenji, I might come here to get drunk sometimes. Only worth to come here and savor the Bar for RM88@all you can drink (beers are charged separately)

Pop UP Book!

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I went to the stupid "Pesta Buku" at PWTC couple of weeks back and let me tell you, not only was it stupid, the whole "pesta" was racist and crappy. As I got down from LRT I was overwhelmed by the number Malay families walking towards PWTC. At first I thought there was some event going on but then after close onversation of kids and mummies swinging plastic bags of BOOKS I was a bit dishearten. I told myself, never mind lets find out what this  "pesta buku" is all about. 

Turned out to to be "pesta buku al-quran". There we so many books on Quran and Islam and such that I got angry and started giving people rude looks. It was only after I went to the upper floor (much more quieter) that I slightly calmed down. Not only was this area pin-drop silence but it was void of kids and mummies and teens. Reason being? Books were in English. Representatives were conversing in English. I felt safer. No, I'm not a racist but I should have seen this coming given that MPH or BORDERS or even The Junk Book Store were not participating. Should have seen it coming

But non the less, I managed to get some giant baby books for my sister and a lovely pop-up book. I loved the pop-up soo much!

And to treat myself after a long winding day of walking, vegetarian nasi lemak from Chameleon round the corner.