Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Female Restroom--Part 2

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I received a stupid email from a dumb-founded employee who referred to the complaint as " a first request I received from you related to this issue" when it should have been " a first request of such matter". Asswipe. And he corrected me for filing a complaint with the wrong team. Double shot of express asswipe.

Here's the email update, to which I replied 

Await update...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Female Restroom visible from outside

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I just finished lodging a report against the violation of women's privacy. It appears that all the windows of my office are heavily-tinted double-way except for the female restroom on the 6th floor in Block A. Last week, the guy in my team who moved to the window seat had the time of his life when it was raining outside and the insides of the restroom on the opposite block became visible to him. He got so excited that he IM'd a couple of yuppies to witness the ongoings in a female toilet. Where I work, B block is the taller one of the two. We can sometimes witness employees enjoying lunch at their pantry tables from across, of course with their windows pulled up. I was looking out the window today enjoying the balmy night wind when I noticed that the restroom was completely, utterly visible from where I was standing. I was looking down at sinks, the TPs, the toilets....gosh!! Privacy flying over the window! (Pun intended)

I quickly emailed a formal complaint for this issue to be urgently dealt with before I change my mind and decide to escalate this to a higher authority. 

Part 1 of complaint

Part 2 of Complaint

The disturbing images

Image 1

Image 2

I will update the outcome of this report soon enough...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Burger for Dinner

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Two nights back, I made burger patties from scratch. I had Googled the recipe online from some food blog I scoured. This after reading AHT for weeks and deciding to give it a try. Sadly it didn't turn out as well as I had expected. Maybe because I was tired and I started late. The recipe was altered from the original. I used too many beans and less potatoes, I substituted the US potatoes with Holland potatoes, which made the texture a bit yellowish and less gluey. The beans I had soaked overnight, it was still hard so I had to pressure cook it. I hate the way the dough looked like. It made a mess out of my kitchen and I was pissed the patties weren't sticking together. It kept breaking apart. I added more home-made butter to harden it (but of course it doesn't work that way, butter turns everything mushy) I even used up my grandmother's specially brought from UK butter. She was mad at me, but it was actually my aunt who smothered her butter all over the buns because I had used up all the home made butter for the patties. 

The end result? Surprisingly my dad, my aunt and mum loved it. I didn't. Not even with Gouda, mustard, fresh tomatoes, ketchup, thousand island and chili sauce. I was still upset over the final result that I ate a bit of my burger and threw away the rest. Mum was upset when she saw the patties in the bin, she told me never to enter the kitchen again. Well sometimes, even the greatest chef makes mistakes. I could have done better but I was cooking alone and I had wanted my mum to come assist me but she wasn't at home. Everyone were at shop making money. I told Boby to get mum but no one did. 

Well anyway, maybe I didn't like it because I had spent hours making those patties. But my cousin liked it. She said it was delicious and requested the recipe from me via Boby (I was in the house, mopped the kitchen and dining floors with so much soap, I had to mop 5x to get the soap off and the floors shone afterwards from too much scrubbing) Next time I will have to cut down on the measurement, and follow the exact recipe. 

Here's some shots of my home made (was suppose to be spicy but didn't turn out spicy, my granma started adding dried grapes--kismis in the recipe, was too salty for her so she added a lot of sugar, diabetic old lady that one and I had to adjust it with paprika to bring back the flavor but it still didn't turn out right)

Drying the cubed carrot and defrost corns, left on towel to dry

Soaked, pressure cooked beans (kidney beans, canneli,pinto, etc)

Pressure cooked potatoes, mashed thru strainer

Onions, cumin powder, paprika, chili powder, salt and some other seasonings

Add in the mashed potatoes...

...and the carrots and corns...

...and the beans for a final touch, mix well to taste. I forgot to take the picture of blended corn flakes, those are used to hold the patties before frying them over the pan. The beans have to be cut smaller and add some "holding" ingredient like corn flour, biscuit flakes and or some chapatti flour. (Starchy rice can do also) I got greedy and made my patties thick, make your thin. Please use your hands to shape the patties. All the recipes about using molding this that junk almost never work 99% of the time.

Can you see the Gouda cheese sticking out? I loved the cheese and the sauce, the patty not so much. Upsetting this procedure. I messed up the whole kitchen. Oil and grease had stuck to my hair.

Check out the sauces dripping. Lovely isn't it?

Final shot. Cheese, mustard, chili and tomato sauce. Hmm, come to think of it, it wasn't that bad after all.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Smallest and Cheapest Restaurant Around

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Last week Satish and I went to a (rather small) chinese vegetarian restaurant we noticed near Central Market. How we found it? The large Vegetarian Sign plastered outside the entrance. Its sandwiched between 2 equally small shops on the main road to Kota Raya. Get down from LRT, walk in the direction of Pudu and Kotaraya along the main road, you won't miss it. Its on your right. I heard they had trouble running food business there, apparently the other half of the shop was initially given to them, but the DBKL decided to run a race scan on them and had them built a board divider. Well, for now the entrance is pretty much the exit of the shop. The shop/stall is the size of Satish's room in Malacca, well maybe slightly smaller. They boost to serve the cheapest vege nasi lemak money can buy, at RM 1. Alot of of food was going for RM 1 but I figured RM 1 is the basic. Add-ons will come up to RM 2.50 or RM 3.80 (go for the add-ons like nasi lemak + ham, nasi lemak + mushroom + soup, etc) After the's what I have to say...
You can't miss this sign from across the road!

Left View

Notice the RM 1 sign plastered at the entrance.
The shop is so tiny it only fits 4 tables and 10 people at a single time. But the food there is fantastic, preservative free plus the staff are so friendly you will get tempted to tip them. Sadly today I was on tight budget, else I would have tipped them already.
So last week, with Satish I ordered nasi lemak + ham, rice came out a bit dry but the satay sticks made up for that and the nasi lemak sambal was soo damn tasty I felt like licking the plate off there and then.

The curry me (comes in both dry and curry version) Go for curry!

The baby jelly

The Sweet Taiwan Tofu

Wiped clean

Today I had baby jelly, taiwan tauhu and curry mee. The noodles tasted fresh and I inquired the assistant. She said they are "freshly made, our noodles are different from the others. We try to be different". True to her words, I say. Normally with commercial noodles, you get that cleaned-teeth taste after eating it, the damn soda bicarb cleans out your teeth inside out. But today I felt that the noodle really behaved like a noodle should. The soft Japanese tauhu was totally unexpected for. It sounded exotic on the menu so I picked it. But when seeing the actual soy-tofu on my table, it looked like a turned-over tofu-from a plastic container that had been bought from the shelf that had been sprinkled with some seasonings, peanut powder and black sauce. So I gambled on this dish. He he he he. I actually liked the taste of the tofu. It may have been a commercial tofu but it was delicious. The sauce made all the difference. So guys, if the food looks least appealing to you its because it the tastiest dish on the menu. It was both sweet and spicy. Sweet when your eating it, spicy when it just about goes down your throat and it gives you that "Spicy coming thru!" feeling. My face was so bloody red and hot when I was done with the mee and tauhu. And now, my dessert. I expected the baby jelly I ordered to be a drink (since it was listed under Drinks, but it came out on a plate, with 4 cubes of ice, pink cordial and 2 light pink jelly floating on it. It looked oddly cute. Maybe its just me, I have never seen or heard of such a dish before. The jelly itself (made of coconut and something else I couldn't identify) brought back my taste buds to its senses. I recommend :
For starters: the taufu/tofu dishes or anything off the sandwich menu
Main Course : Nasi lemak (they rotate the nasi lemak menu for odd and even days, ask them for today's specials)

Dessert: Baby jelly (must try) RM 1 only!!

Price of all 3 dishes came to RM 7.30. Bus fare from office to KL Sentral RM 3.80. LRT fare from KL Sentral to Pasar Seni and back RM 2.00

Operating hours : 8 AM till late afternoon (or until when food runs out)

Open on all days from Monday-Saturday and alternate Sundays *this Sunday closed

You have to wait for a seat during peak hours (breakfast, lunch) I went at 2.30 PM and I was lucky I got a seat. Sharing tables with other people is recommended if you have don't want to wait that long

Cheapest food around-portions are enuff for vegetarians and total tab (inc. transportation) came up to RM 13.10

Dont rape the fucking camera

Saturday, September 12, 2009 3 Comments
I was checking out some blog entries posted on nuffnang yesterday and came across so many misleading blog titles. Take one for example. A teenage girl blogged about her strip trip to some movie screening. Titled under " I lost my virginity today!" Of course, this made the many men who daily log in to nuffnang wag at the title and give her a nang without even reading the story. And I wonder sometimes, why are men so stupid?? And also that some of the bloggers in nuffnang are still in school, which means these tods have so much time in their hands they're spewing crap all over their blog. Why cant people pose properly on their blogs? Whats the reason to puff your cheeks with air and make yourself look like a blow fish and then stamp a "kawaii" under the shot. Cute my ass. Grow up suckers. Pose properly. Be slutty if you want. BLOW FISH FACE is NOT SLUTTY. Its cheap. I'm not going to paste some sample pictures but you get what I mean. And whats up with this underage mommies blogging about their life stories?? What story is there when you're pregnant at 18??

What about the suckers who spoil a great picture with an ugly Photoshop job? If you cant crop your picture, leave it the way it is. You look great, there's no need to pariahfy your picture for attention. Dont rape the fucking camera, losers

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Satish and Me in Malacca and KL

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We had such a lovely time together. Me and Satish. We ate ice kacang together, went to Jonker Street, whizzed on bikes, drank at Geographer's, went for G.I Joe and had plain fun being just together

In the car

Sipping mango ice kacang... an antique shop

Dinner at a Chinese Vegan shop

I was just messing around... the tea shop

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chinoz on the AssWipe

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I am in a euphoric mood today. Not even that Paki's ugly presence can spoil my mood! For I had a fantastic night out with Satish yesterday. We were in KL Sentral parking out bags in the lockers and deciding where to spend the few hours or so we had before my aunt's curfew ended (at about 8 or 9ish)We decided to hit KLCC, being the nearest and fastest (and also the most expensive) way to get drunk. We went to Chinoz on the Park for drinks,but I didn't quite like the seating, Satish did. The view was fantastic until about the time they started taking out the dishes for Buka Puasa buffet and the stench of roast beef kept wafting through to our side. We quickly finished the drinks (my mango fizz nearly fizzled my night) Never going to Chinoz on the AssWipe again! Then we decided to go to Chillis, I like their margaritas and spirits. He likes beer. Luckily for us it was Happy Hour. Unlucky for us, the place was packed with yuppies staring at their food. I thought I saw a slut in tight jeans and Prada; beer and chow on table, staring at her watch. We somehow got 2 seats at the bar and quickly got down to the matter. Drinking. I tried 3 types of drinks. Mai tai, Sunshine Tropical something and something something I forgot but it had a lovely cherry and an orange slice on it. Satish took beers. 40% off beers and RM 5 off the rest.
Yum Yum! I was full from drinking. And high. Both of us. Somehow we managed to make our way to the LRT and stumbled to our bags. He joked and poked fun at people along the way. So it was like a drunk leading another drunk the way. Or like the blind leading the blind. Whichever. We split at Pasar Seni station. He took the bus back to Malacca. I went back to Wangsa Maju. I was frantically chewing Fisherman's Friend t get rid of any smell my breath my have. I could not however, stop my bright-and-diluted eyes appear tired and dim. He he he least I tried. I had my lips glued till I had my shower and brushed my teeth with so much vigor I thought they were gonna break off.
Ok so back to Chillis. I loved the atmosphere. You can just make out in there and no one would bother. But sadly I also realized how the yuppies have seemed to conquer the floors. There were 2 yuppies staring at their food and drinks and talking cock about Indonesia and their projects and works. Sheesh. Indon? Also at the bar were 2 people from Satish's previous job in Malaysia. He had joined the company right after his Diploma. The guy who was working with him-Rajan I think is now a director of a fleet of hotels in Vietnam. And the slut who used to wear short skirts and sit on Satish's desk and flash her panties back in those days is a manager of some slut company. There. You. Go. Sex sells. Period
Anyone who has never heard or practiced tipping before in their LIFE should start tipping now. Our tab came up to RM 129 and I paid with my card (since it was me who invited Satish to hit Chillis) so I added a ten under the bills. And Satish was furious at me for tipping.
He went like "but ten!! thats so much!!" 
"Im sure no one used to tip you back in your college days when YOU used to work at CHillis"
"Yeah, but why? You can give me the ten instead"
"I used to work in Italianess and no yuppie in their right mind ever tipped the hostess (for giving them such good tables). I used to have to split my tips with the server for the table. IF we ever receive tips more than RM 5 per table. Its not always that patrons appreciate the good, no great service from the entrance itself, not to mention the time we take to make sure their food taste as good as it sound and table is as clean as their asses. So, I think the IMMIGRANT BARTENDER deserves a proper tip."
"He is probably going to spend it on some hooker"
"Well, money well spent I guess. Next time we will definitely get a good table. Trust me"
I made sure the yuppies next to us felt like assholes, but then again who's to say? Yuppies don't give 2 fucks about anything or anybody. They should start serving pork in Chillis. Stop a certain group of yuppies or yuppie wannabes from holding up the tables before 7pm. Amen Brother!
I left feeling so much happier. Tipping is great. We should always tip. Im not saying tip the girl at the checkout counter in Jusco (they don't get to keep the money anyways) but tipping at the right time, at the right place can and will surely cause a rippled affect to your benefit.